Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are an excellent way of ensuring you stay adequatly hydrated during periods of intense training. Regular water only has a handful of key electrolytes in it. The more intense your workouts the more likely you are to more

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  1. Aqua Esse Still Activated Water 330ml
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  2. Aqua Esse Equilibrium Energetic Water 330ml
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  3. Science in Sport Go Hydro + Caffeine Cola 20 tablet
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    Science in Sport GO Electrolyte Lemon & Lime 1600g
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  5. Science in Sport GO Hydro Lemon 20 tablet
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    Gusto Gusto Lemonade 250ml
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  7. GlucoJuice Zesty Lemon & Lime 60ml
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  8. Elete Elete Team Bottle 480ml
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  9. Elete Elete Refill Bottle 240ml
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  10. Elete Elete Refill Bottle 120ml
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  11. Elete Elete Pocket Bottle 25ml
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  12. Beet It Beet It Shot 70ml
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    Beet It Beet It Sport Shot-Nitrate 400 70ml
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lose out on a handful of important minerals. This can result in feelings of fatigue, headaches and a whole host of other nasty symptoms.

You can stay on top of this by consuming a sports drink that's enriched with electrolytes. You can consume them before, during or after workouts. They also generally come in a reasonable variety of different flavours. Meaning you're not confined to one generic taste forever.

Some sports drinks have low levels of caffeine in them too. This is a great way of giving you a little additional chemical kick to power through your workouts. It's never as much as pre-workout. But it is normally just enough to make a bit of a difference.

Other branded sports and isotonic drinks also have additional ingredients. The inclusion of amino acids which help assist in muscular recovery is becoming an increasingly more and more common practice. Some sports drinks will also include creatine to help contribute towards making strength gains when in use.

Please note that sports drinks shouldnt be your only method for recovery. Amino acids can certainly give a helping hand but they shouldn't be relied upon for muscular recovery. It's equally as important to ensure you're consuming plenty of high quality proteins from a variety of sources. This way you know for a fact you're definitely getting the amino acids that you need for muscle repair on top of a whole host of additional aminos that are great for other things. Some amino acids help with eyesight, mood regulation or hair/skin health. Others are simply only good for more niche bodily processes. All of them are important.