If you aren't entirely familiar with what a superfood is, here's the gist. Superfoods are normally foods that are incredibly nutrient dense. There's no real official classification system for superfoods, they're simply foods in which the general consensus is more

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  2. Clearspring Organic Dulse 50g
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  8. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Berry 8g
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  9. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Alkalize Detox 8g
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  10. Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Choc Peanut 430g
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    Superfoodies Wheatgrass Powder 100g
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  14. Superfoodies Guarana Powder 100g
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    Superfoodies Brazilian Ginseng 100g
    Brazilian Ginseng Learn More
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    Superfoodies Chia Seeds 100g
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that they're exceptionally more nutritious than other types of food. Even if they're not more nutritious, they may perhaps have some other qualities that make them an ideal food to integrate into your diet. Some examples of superfoods can include ginseng, camu camu, chlorella and a whole host of other foods. In many cases these foods are powdered to allow you to blend them together or in other cases throw them into a smoothie or protein shake. Have you ever read up on why dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to milk due to its antioxidant content? Well one particularly popular superfood is cacao powder which has up to four times as many antioxidants as dark chocolate. It's also a decent source of magnesium, which is vital to your bodies nervous system. It's popularity is probably due in part to how versatile it is too. You can prepare chocolate cakes with it, cook with it in a variety of ways and even make hot chocolate with it. Chlorella is another popular product in this category. If you're unfamiliar, chlorella is actually a type of single-celled algae that can be found in freshwater. The concept of eating algae might seem a bit weird at first, but people eat mushrooms (a fungus) all the time. Once you're over the whole algae thing, you may be surprised to know that chlorella is massively rich in protein, in some cases 60% of it is pure protein. It's also a great source of vitamin B12, vitamin C and iron. That's only a brief summary of just two of our superfood products we stock. Now imagine how nutrient dense some of the other powders we stock are.