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We understand that allergies are important stuff. You may have an allergy that results in severe irritation/obstructed breathing. Alternatively, you could have a more minor allergy - some allergies actually present themselves in the form of moodswings, fatigue and more

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  1. Big Oz Crispy Buckwheat Flakes 500g
    Big Oz Buckwheat Flakes are made from 100% organic Buckwheat. Free from 14 known allergens and 100%... Learn More
  2. New
    Marigold Gluten Free Organic Less Salt Vegetable Bouillon 500g
    Marigold's deliciously Organic and Reduced Salt Bouillons are perfect as a natural seasoning for... Learn More
  3. New
    Aduna Aduna Fonio Super-Grain 250g
    Aduna Fonio Ancient Super-Grain is naturally gluten-free, organic and ready to eat in 3 minutes.... Learn More
  4. Rice Dream Rice Dream Coconut with Rice 1000ml
    Rice Dream Coconut with Rice Learn More
  5. New
    Organico Xmas Artysan Gluten Free Panettone 500g
    Organic dessert after Christmas dinner with this organic, gluten-free panettone from Organico.... Learn More
  6. Pulsetta Breadcrumbs - Gluten Free 1kg
    Breadcrumbs - Gluten Free Learn More
  7. Ape Snacks Ape Coconut Curls Salted Choco 20g
    Ape Coconut Curls Salted Choco Learn More
  8. Amisa Buckwheat Puffs 225g
    Buckwheat Puffs Learn More
  9. New
    Sesame Snaps Sesame Snaps Yoghurt 30g
    Sesame Snaps Yoghurt Learn More
  10. New
    Provamel Soya Soleil Soya Unsweetened 1000ml
    Soya Soleil Soya Unsweetened Learn More
  11. New
    Plamil Egg Free Mayo Tarragon 315g
    Egg Free Mayo Tarragon Learn More
  12. New
    Plamil Egg Free Mayo Plain 315g
    Egg Free Mayo Plain Learn More
  13. New
    Plamil Egg Free Mayo Garlic 315g
    Egg Free Mayo Garlic Learn More
  14. New
    Le Veneziane GF Potato Gnocchi 500g
    GF Potato Gnocchi Learn More
  15. New
    Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Mylk 250 ml
    Dairy Free Organic Vegan Delicious Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour Learn More
  16. New
    Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free, Org Mocha Mylk 250ml
    Organic Dairy Free Vegan Delicious Mocha Flavour Learn More
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other ailments. Regardless of the severity of your allergy, it's important to take heed of them and assess what options you have available. As such, we're building out the AMS allergen system. This will allow you to filter products because on the specific allergy that you're worried about. Perhaps you have a dairy allergy or are lactose intolerant, simply click on our section to see a list products that are appropriate substitutes for dairy. Maybe you're allergic to shellfish - this is actually one of the most common allergies that you can get, so there's a good deal of products out there that have taken the effort to guarantee that no shellfish is present. Just keep in mind, allergies are serious business. If you have any doubts at all about a product and the labeling/packaging does not make it clear, you should hold off. It's sometimes a good idea to get in direct contact with the manufacturer. Manufacturers aren't always the best at responding to individual customer inquiries, however. (a lot of the time they're dealing with retailers like us). If you're having any difficulty getting information on a product and cant seem to contact the manufacturer, feel free to drop us a line. We can attempt to contact them through our business network and attempt to figure out a solution to your problem. If you have any other inquiries, such as sourcing specific products, delivery times or general business questions - feel free to contact us through our contact us page. If we can't respond immediately, one of our customer care representatives will ensure you're contact with as soon as physically possible.