Nut Drinks

Nut drinks are a part of our range we’ve been continuously growing for a while now. They’ve grown in popularity in recent years due to their usefulness as a milk substitute. They can be used as a substitute in coffee, cooking and a variety of other applications. They’re also generally longer lasting than more

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regular milk, which can make storing them for longer periods of time significantly less of a headache. 

The variety of nut drinks is plentiful too. Almond milk is among the most common. Hazelnut milk is also a fairly popular choice amongst those looking for an alternative to dairy. 

Hazelnut Milk

This milk, especially when unsweetened, has rich undertones that can compliment any recipe or flavour. It’s roughly about as calorie dense as regular milk, although it has less protein. 

Almond Milk

This is among the most nutritious of all variants of nut milk. With the exception of Cashew milk. One cup of this has plenty of calcium, vitamin E and vitamin D. It is leaner than hazelnut milk however it also has less protein.

Cashew Milk

This is very similar in terms of nutritional profile to almond milk. It has all the same vitamins and nutrients and is pretty similar in terms of its macronutrient profile also. It really boils down to personal preference over objective nutritional information when it comes to which one you pick. 

Walnut Milk

This is on the higher range of the spectrum in terms of calorie density. It’s not quite as dense as peanut milk, though. It’s particularly delicious and a great cooking substitute. 

Peanut Milk

This is among the highest in terms of calorie density. It’s also absolutely packed with protein. It’s ideal for regular consumption or for use in cooking. Just be absolutely sure you don’t have any kind of allergies. Also make sure anyone you’re cooking for doesn’t have allergies either. Peanut allergies are very common and even contact with surfaces that have touched peanuts is enough to set severe allergy sufferers off.