We have a great assortment of various types of fruit spreads and jams available at All Mall Shop. From fruit based jellies through to chutneys and marmalades. We even have a diverse assortment of curds.

Some of the jams we offer include:


Popular sauces found in india. Typically some form of fruit or vegetable is combined ...read more

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with a pickling agent to create a delicious savoury/sweet taste.


Very similar to most conventional types of preserves with one key exeption. The inclusion of eggs and butter. This manifests itself in creating a thicker product with a completely different texture. 


These are typically any preserve that's made with extensive use of citrus fruits. Most commonly this is the use of bitter oranges but other variations do also exist.


These are any fruit preserves that make extensive use of gelatin to create that texture we've all come to know. 

What can I use jam for?

A huge assortment of things. You can use jam as a glaze for various types of meat, for example. This can give an otherwise savoury dish a nice sweet tinge to it and tie together a meal excellently.

It can be used to supplement deserts and mixed up with ice cream or served alongside cheesecakes to give your dish that added edge.

You can mix it with rice pudding or oatmeal to help assist you in loading up on carbohydrates you might need for energy throughout the day.

It's also great to have handy as a quick filler for crepes. You can even use it for cooking a massive variety of different types of cakes and puddings. If you're looking to get rid of excess jam and other leftover baking ingredients you could bake a "queen of puddings" which was designed for this exact purpose.