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Lecithin Granules

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Plant and herbal supplements are the fastest growing sector in the field of nutrition and a great compliment to the established vitamin and mineral foundation. With the majority of our plant based products we aim to combine the potency, quality and standardisation of the extract with the raw powder. This is because we believe that the maximum effectiveness comes from the whole combined with active constituents. Lecithin is a rich natural source of Choline and Inositol. It is vital to liver function, as it helps in the processing of fats and cholesterol as well as helping to maintain liver cell walls. It is also important in fat metabolism (used by slimmers) and is a key nutrient when it comes to efficient brain function, as its Choline content - when vitamin B5 is present as well - is converted into acetyl-choline, a brain chemical vital for the transmission of messages between brain cells. Lecithin Granules are, for many people the simplest and most effective way to take Lecithin, to control cholesterol, metabolise fat and promote efficient brain function and memory by the production of acetyl-choline. Can be sprinkled on or mixed into a variety of foods. Active ingredients per 7.5 grams: Soya Bean Lecithin Granules (GMO Free) 7.5g

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