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We stock a wide range of dedicated beauty products. This can include anything from bodycare, skin, hair and nailcare. Our hair-care products include shampoos, conditioners and various types of oils and serums. We even stock hair-dye, hairspray and mousse. more

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    Pukka Herbs Blackcurrant Beauty Tea 20bag
    Blackcurrant Beauty Tea Learn More
  2. Natures Aid Collagen Beauty Formula 90 capsule
    Collagen Beauty Formula Learn More
  3. MyVitamins Beauty Sleep 60 capsule
    Beauty Sleep Learn More
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    KIKI Health Marine Collagen Beauty Blend 20g
    Marine Collagen Beauty Blend Learn More
  5. New
    KIKI Health Marine Collagen Beauty Blend 200g
    Marine Collagen Beauty Blend Learn More
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    Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore 50ml
    Beauty Boost Skin Restore Learn More
  7. ESI Aloe Fresh Mint Toothpaste 100ml
    Aloe Fresh Mint Toothpaste Learn More
  8. ESI Glucosamine& Chondroitin Cream 100ml
    Glucosamine& Chondroitin Cream Learn More
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    ESI SolarAfter Sun Milk Spray 200ml
    SolarAfter Sun Milk Spray Learn More
  10. ESI Solar Sun Milk Spray 50SPF 150ml
    Solar Sun Milk Spray 50SPF Learn More
  11. ESI ESI Solar Sun Milk Spray 30SPF 150ml
    ESI Solar Sun Milk Spray 30SPF Learn More
  12. ESI Smile Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
    Smile Whitening Toothpaste Learn More
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    ESI Aloe Fresh Mouthwash 500ml
    Aloe Fresh Mouthwash Learn More
  14. ESI Fem Intimate Cleanser Menthol 250ml
    Fem Intimate Cleanser Menthol Learn More
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    ESI Homeopath Whitening Toothpaste 100ml
    Homeopath Whitening Toothpaste Learn More
  16. ESI Aloedermal Body Cream 200ml
    Aloedermal Body Cream Learn More
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We don't just stock a couple of brands either, our shampoo range is huge and bottle sizes can vary up to 5 liters! If you've found that you run out of shampoo pretty quickly, it might not hurt to buy in bulk. There's a whole host of different scents too, from coconuts and lime all the way through to tropical fruits and roses. We have our own male grooming range also, this range includes shaving accessories, beard maintenance kits and more. Other products such as coconut oil have multipurpose use cases, too. You can apply coconut oil topically to the hair, skin, face or nails. You can also use it to cook and even put it in your coffee to give your coffee and extra "kick" and ensure you get some good cholesterol. You can even utilize coconut as a natural shaving balm to help protect and hydrate your skin whilst you're shaving. Looking to protect yourself from the sun? we've got lotions of varying strengths to ensure you get the appropriate amount of protection. Looking to enhance your tan? we have products for that too. Various types of natural, skin-friendly makeup are accessible in our beauty section also. These include eye, lip and face make-up. Fragrances are available to ensure you smell just as good as you look. Whether you're a man or a woman, you can rest easy knowing that we can take care of all of your beauty needs. We're not just limited to topical applications either, we offer collagen supplements and a huge variety of other products that are tailored to optimizing your appearance naturally.