Hair Masks

Looking for hair masks? look no further. We've got plenty to choose from alongside our broader range of hair care products.

What Is A Hair Mask?

Hair masks are deep conditioning treatments for dry and damaged hair. They often contain a blend of important ingredients that work towards hair reimains moisturised wtih exposure to all more

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manner of important minerals. 

They're commonly used after hair has undergone some form of damage. This is most commonly caused by bleaching or dyeing your hair.

How Do You Use A Hair Mask?

This generally differs from mask to mask. But normally the process simply involves applying a moderate amount of the cream to hair and leaving in for varying lengths of time. After you have let the solution soak into your hair over a period of time you can safely wash it out. You'll likely notice your hair is much less dry almost immediatly after one use. 

It's possible to leave a hair mask on for too long. This will manifest itself by the way of your hair appearing greasier than normal. If you do leave your mask in for too long don't worry. Simply wash with shampoo and don't apply any more conditioning treatments for a little while.

Do Hair Masks Really Work?

Yes. They're designed specifically to help repair hair that has been damaged. You'll notice positive changes almost immediatly after using one. Provided you use the right one for the job.

Can I Make My Own?

You can. You don't need to always rely on commercially bought hair mask products. It's possible to manufacture your own out of any combination of moisturisers and other healthy topical applicators. Coconut oil is always a solid choice if you're trying to manufacture your own moisturising product. Other topical appliactors include honey, which has its own whole host of benefits too.