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We stock a wide variety of male grooming products. Taking proper care of your skin and your facial hair isn't just good for your health, a well kept appearance will improve your self confidence tenfold.

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  1. Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser 50ml
    Blissful Daily Moisturiser Learn More
  2. Dr Bronner Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soa 3790ml
    Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soa Learn More
  3. Friendly Soap Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar 95g
    Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar Learn More
  4. Yope Salvia & Caviar Hand Cream 100ml
    Salvia & Caviar Hand Cream Learn More
  5. Yope Tea and Peppermint Hand Cream 100ml
    Tea and Peppermint Hand Cream Learn More
  6. Skin Doctor Hair no more pack 3pack
    Hair no more pack Learn More
  7. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Nourishing Skin Cream 150ml
    Nourishing Skin Cream Learn More
  8. Avalon IntenseDefense Antioxidant Oil 30ml
    IntenseDefense Antioxidant Oil Learn More
  9. Avalon Brilliant Balance Ultimate Nig 50g
    Brilliant Balance Ultimate Nig Learn More
  10. Avalon Aloe Hand & Body Lotion 340ml
    Aloe Hand & Body Lotion Learn More
  11. Arganic Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil 50ml
    Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil Learn More
  12. Arganic Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil 100ml
    Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil Learn More
  13. Absolute Aromas Detox Epsom Bath Salt 575g
    Detox Epsom Bath Salt Learn More
  14. New
    Urtekram Rose Liquid Hand Soap Organic 380ml
    Rose Liquid Hand Soap Organic Learn More
  15. The Eco Bath Epsom Salt Soak Detox 1000g
    Epsom Salt Soak Detox Learn More
  16. New
    Dr Bronner Org Tea Tree Soap Bar 140g
    Org Tea Tree Soap Bar Learn More
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Items 1-16 of 65

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to properly nourish your skin and hair follicles whilst protecting against razor rash are a solid start. Especially creams manufactured from natural sources such as vegetable based oils and solutions. Beard maintenance products such as beard oil are another handy addition to have also if you like to keep your facial hair longer.

Beard oils are often enriched with useful solutions such as vitamin E and A to help contribute to hair health. You can opt for aromatic beard oils with specific aromas to enhance your natural musk also.

Opting for natural beard oils also brings the benefit that you're less likely to experience an adverse reaction to them. If you're getting bored of shaving creams you could opt for a latherable shaving bar. These bars function much the same way as conventional soap but when they foam up you can use them to get a safe, close shave without undue irritation.

You could also opt for a whole variety of various shaving creams and soaps which come in an abundance of different aromas to help compliment your natural scent. The moral of the story is this - if you're looking for anything even remotely in the niche of male grooming, have a look here first.

There's a good chance we can offer natural alternatives to some of the harsher products you find over the counter in many conventional stores. On the off chance we don't have what you're looking for, feel free to reach out. We can look into sourcing your product for you and in some cases we can even point you in the right direction if you're struggling to find it.