Minerals are about on par with vitamins in terms of how massively important they are for you. They're essential for healthy growth and development. They also help keep a lot of bodily processes "running smoothly" for lack of a ...read more

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  1. Higher Nature UltraTrace 57ml
    UltraTrace Learn More
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    Blue Green Algae Upper Klamath Algae 30g
    Upper Klamath Algae Learn More
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    Blue Green Algae Upper Klamath Algae 90 capsule
    Upper Klamath Algae Learn More
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    Beet It Beet It Sport Shot-Nitrate 400 70ml
    Beet It Sport Shot-Nitrate 400 Learn More
  5. Bio Health Extra Mineral Complex 60 capsule
    Extra Mineral Complex Learn More
  6. Bioglan Smartkids Iron Gummies 30s 30chewables
    Smartkids Iron Gummies 30s Learn More
  7. Braggs Charcoal Biscuits 150g
    Our activated charcoal is produced from coconut husks grown in Malaysia and is suitable for... Learn More
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    Aduna Aduna Fonio Super-Grain 250g
    Aduna Fonio Ancient Super-Grain is naturally gluten-free, organic and ready to eat in 3 minutes.... Learn More
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    Irofix Irofix Drops 30ml
    This is a tailored made supplement, which contains Vitamin D3 and microencapsulated iron with none... Learn More
  10. Irofix Irofix Liquid 150ml
    Irofix Syrup contains Liposomal Iron which is a microencapsulation solution that avoids the... Learn More
  11. Life Flo Magnesium Gel 473ml
    Magnesium Gel Learn More
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    Westlab Magnesium Flakes Zechstein 1000g
    Magnesium Flakes Zechstein Learn More
  13. Westlab Magnesium Flakes Zechstein 5000g
    Magnesium Flakes Zechstein Learn More
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    Wassen Selenium ACE+D 90 tablet
    Selenium ACE+D Learn More
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    Wassen Magnesium B 30 tablet
    Magnesium B Learn More
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    Wassen Magnesium Ok 90 tablet
    Magnesium Ok Learn More
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better phrase.

Some minerals such as calcium are important for healthy bone density. Others are more important for the continued healthy functioning of your hormones. Some minerals are even critical for your body in ensuring your heart beats at a regular rhythm.

it's no surprise, then, that many people take their mineral intake pretty seriously. There's a buddying supplement industry out there dedicated to ensuring people get everything they need. You can take a zinc and magnesium recovery matrix to help you sleep. Some people even make mineral heavy effervescent tablets designed to help stave off the horrible effects of a night of drinking. 

Regardless of your reasoning for investigating this range, just know that we have you covered. We work with a wide variety of high-quality manufacturers and brands. We also have several years of experience actively operating in the supplement niche, so we've picked up a thing or two since we started back in 2011.

Have any questions about our products or range? Feel free to get in contact with us. One of our customer support representatives will ensure that your inquiries are dealt with as soon as we physically can.