Supplements are a pretty important part of our business model here at All Mall Shop. They were actually among the first products that we started selling when we set up shop in 2011. 

As such, we stock more

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    Elifexir Flat Tum Pmint Prebiotic 32 tablet
    Flat Tum Pmint Prebiotic Learn More
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    Dolovent 120 capsule
    Dolovent Learn More
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    Dynamic Health Liquid Chlorophyll - 100mg 473ml
    Liquid Chlorophyll - 100mg Learn More
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    Dynamic Health Organic Noni Juice 946ml
    Organic Noni Juice Learn More
  5. New
    Dynamic Health Noni Juice 473ml
    Noni Juice Learn More
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    Cysticlean Cysticlean 240mg PAC 30 capsule
    Cysticlean 240mg PAC Learn More
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    Bio Health Runo Turmeric+ 120 capsule
    Runo Turmeric+ Learn More
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    Bio Health Runo Turmeric+ 60 capsule
    Runo Turmeric+ Learn More
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    Bio Health Celery Seed 60 capsule
    Celery Seed Learn More
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    Bio Health Papaya Enzymes 60 capsule
    Papaya Enzymes Learn More
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    Bio Health Turmeric Rhizome 60 capsule
    Turmeric Rhizome Learn More
  12. Bio Health Whole Garlic 60 capsule
    Whole Garlic Learn More
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    Bio Health Rutin (Super) 60 capsule
    Rutin (Super) Learn More
  14. Bioglan Red Krill Oil 1000mg DS 30 capsule
    Red Krill Oil 1000mg DS Learn More
  15. Bioglan Active Curcumin 30 tablet
    Active Curcumin Learn More
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    Bioglan Super Fish Oil 100 capsule
    Super Fish Oil Learn More
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a pretty wide range of different types of supplements for a huge variety of different goals and activities.

Some of the products we stock include:


We stock a massive variety of different types of protein. These include mixed proteins such as blends of casein and isolate. We also sell creatine infused protein also, for those of you who are looking to get some serious strength gains in. We sell diet proteins with low calories, appetite supressants and other clever ingredients.


Creatine is another product we stock on its own. This is a particularly important chemical in your body. It's responsible for recycling energy at a cellular level. As a result, having increased creatine levels can result in noticable increases in strength and overall performance in the gym.

Amino Acids

We stock amino acids also. Amino acids are particularly important when it comes to rest and recovery. These are actually the building blocks that form chains to make up protein. When your body digests protein it breaks these chains back into their constituent amino acids and uses them to perform repairs. 

Zinc-Magnesium Supplements

We sell a multitude of zinc and magnesium supplements. These are particularly useful for promoting rest and recovery. Many people take them as a sleeping aid as they can help promote your quality of sleep. 

Energy Bars / Gels

Plenty of energy bars and gels are available on our storefront too. These are all particularly great for helping give you that much needed boost of energy in the gym. They can be taken before or during a workout to ensure you can get that much needed kick.