5HTP is an incredibly useful compound. Your body actually converts it into serotonin. Its full name is 5-Hydroxytryptophan and it's a naturally occurring amino acid.

Having low levels of serotonin can manifest itself in a variety of horrible ways. These include depression, anxiety and issues surrounding weight gain and sleep. As a result, having higher levels of serotonin ...read more

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can help you avoid complications such as these. (although it's not a 100% given, as these disorders can also be caused by other issues).


Can You Take 5-HTP For Anxiety?

Some research does suggest this, yes. Both human and animal trials seem to indicate that 5htp can reduce feelings of general anxiety. Small amounts of evidence also seem to suggest it might help inhibit carbon dioxide related anxiety attacks.

Can You Take 5-HTP Long Term?

You can take 5-HTP until you finish the bottle. We'd recommend taking breaks inbetween taking courses of 5-HTP as not a lot of research exists surrounding the long term consistent use of 5HTP.

Can You Mix 5-HTP And Alcohol?

You should not mix this with alcohol. It's possible for this to result in serotonin syndrome. If you notice sweating, fever or any of the other symptoms of serotonin syndrome you should contact medical professionals immediatly.

Can 5-HTP Give You Energy?

One of the general side effects of having more serotonin available is that you may notice you have more energy. It depends entirely on why you're tired. If you haven't slept properly in weeks you're unlikely to notice a difference. 

Can You Mix 5-HTP With Coffee?

There doesn't appear to be any interactions with coffee and 5-htp. This is particularly useful because it'll allow you to get that nice "kick" the coffee gives you whilst providing you with the naturally higher energy levels associated with healthy serotonin levels.