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We understand that being a vegan or a vegetarian can be pretty challenging. It can be pretty difficult to assess whether certain products are or aren't vegetarian/vegan friendly. On top of this, even when you have access to a more

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  1. Organico Xmas Artysan Gluten Free Panettone 500g
    Organic dessert after Christmas dinner with this organic, gluten-free panettone from Organico.... Learn More
  2. Go Vegan Vegan Original Panettone 500g
    Go Vegan Vegan Original Panettone 500g Learn More
  3. Go Vegan Vegan Spelt Panettone 500g
    Delicious Vegan Friendly Organic Ingredients Sweetened With Agave Learn More
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    Vital Vital All in One Powder 300g
    Vital All in One Powder Learn More
  5. Vita Biosa Original Org Fermented Drink 500ml
    Original Org Fermented Drink Learn More
  6. New
    Veganicity Brewers Yeast 300mg 200 tablet
    Brewers Yeast 300mg Learn More
  7. New
    UnBEElievable Health Bee Energised 20 capsule
    Bee Energised Learn More
  8. New
    Toxaprevent Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets 30 sachet
    Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets Learn More
  9. The Naked Pharmacy Aged Black Garlic 10X 30 capsule
    Aged Black Garlic 10X Learn More
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    Tonic Health Cold & Flu Lemon & Honey 10 sachet
    Cold & Flu Lemon & Honey Learn More
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    TLC Chewy Vites Kids Omega3 30chewables
    Chewy Vites Kids Omega3 Learn More
  12. New
    TLC Chewy Vites Kids Multivit 30chewables
    Chewy Vites Kids Multivit Learn More
  13. New
    Together Health OceanPure Omega 3 DHA & EPA 30 capsule
    OceanPure Omega 3 DHA & EPA Learn More
  14. New
    Together Health Multibiotic 30 capsule
    Multibiotic Learn More
  15. New
    Together Health WholeVit Women's Multi 30 capsule
    WholeVit Women's Multi Learn More
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    Together Health WholeVit Hair Skin & Nail 60 capsule
    WholeVit Hair Skin & Nail Learn More
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Items 1-16 of 1892

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wider range of products, it can still be difficult to keep your diet in check. Many vegan sources of protein, for example, don't have the best amino acid matrix's when compared with their meat-eating counterparts. But you shouldn't despair, because that isn't always the case. We've spent a considerable amount of time sourcing an abundance of different high quality brands that bring you a variety of foods. If you're shopping around to buy a gift for a friend who's a vegetarian or a vegan, this might be an ideal place to look. We aren't just limited to supplements - we also do a whole host of delicious confectionery that's totally dairy free. If you have a friend who participates in a religion which imposes food restrictions, vegetarian can also generally be a safe bet. Just remember to double check the specifics of their religion first. We don't just stop at vegan and vegetarian either. If you're looking for organic produce instead, we have an abundance of products for you to choose from. We have spent years sourcing and selling products for niche dietary requirements over and above the more common ones such as vegetarian and vegan. Are you looking for fairtrade produce? we can help you out on that front too. If you have any questions related to products, such as sourcing a specific product or how long delivery times may take, feel free to reach out to us. If we can't respond to you straight away a member of our team will make sure we get in contact as soon as humanely possible.